SPECTACULAR is a Jamaican Reggae artist from Kingston who began his career in the mid nineties .

With his unique and powerful voice, he describes social reality in Jamaica and condemns Babylon’s injustices . Through his music he expresses his faith and spirituality and calls for an awakening, awareness and universal Love. On stage the Rastaman aka BURNING SPECTACULAR captivates the audience with his charismatic and lively performance.

Carl Reid was born in 1976 in Kingston. He was surrounded by music and started singing from an early age. At the 1993 Starwave in Fort Clarence in Jamaica, when he was only 17, his outstanding performance was referred to as “SPECTACULAR” by the promoter. This was to become his stage name, to which the “BURNING” was added, alluding to the powerful energy that radiates from his music.

In 1996, he recorded his first single called “I Love this Girl” for the label Chop Chop, followed by “Melody in Your Voice” for Gargamel, Buju Banton’s label. After many shows in Jamaica ( 1997 – 2003 ), he performed for the first time in Europe in Switzerland .The following year he toured throughout Europe with Lutan Fyah. He went on to record with European producers such as Ganglords from Switzerland, and Germaican Records who released his first album “Find Yourself”. in 2005 that includes the mighty hit « Voice of the people »

Over the years SPECTACULAR has collaborated with many producers and artists and signed several famous hit tunes. Ten years after his first album, he released ” “Salvation”.» ( Carabeo Music – 2016 ). He recorded 10 songs with great musicians such as Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare , Mikey Chung George Miller /firehouse crew including 2 collaborations with Anthony B  and Lutan Fyah : 10 songs about Salvation, Rastasfari Words, sounds and Powers.